If you've been struggling when it comes to business, defining your brand or getting it off the ground....then this course is definitely for you.


I'm your Life Designer! I created this academy because it's one that I wish I had when I started my success journey. I've been super blessed to not have had to work a nine-to-five in over 17 years...and it's all because of the brand i've built....and Grace, yaaas much grace.

I've dedicated my life to teaching people the things that aren't taught in school on how people REALLY get ahead. You know....things like actual business, branding, marketing and behind the scenes advertising strategies ...like funnels.

It's an amazing feeling to have truly found my purpose in life...and my purpose is to help you find your purpose. I'm a firm believer that you can't find your purpose if you are dedicating 40 years at 40 hours a week. Don't take my word for it! Meet one of the ladies i've been mentoring. Though she began her career on Wall Street many years ago, she just couldn't shake the feeling like something was missing. That's when she sought me out.

"Working with Miss Baje has given me immense clarity on the the direction I want to take my brand. When I walked away from the workforce it was terrifying, but having access to her books, courses, workshops and coaching has made my transition to becoming an entrepreneur a smoother than I expected. If you want the blueprint on building your brand, she definitely has it"